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Toktogaziev: Kyrgyzstan plans to export to China up to 60 tons of meat daily

Kyrgyzstan intends to export to China up to 60 tons of meat daily using the country’s transit potential. The Minister of Agriculture Tilek Toktogaziev stated at a briefing.

The head of the ministry noted that the republic can become a regional hub for the processing of agricultural products and raw materials, without focusing only on internal reserves and a raw material base. He said that negotiations were underway with the countries of the Persian Gulf over import of cheap cattle from Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Belarus and other states into the Kyrgyz Republic, its processing and delivery in the form of meat to Arab countries. It is also planned to work on the export of meat to the PRC.

«According to preliminary estimates, up to 40,000 tons per week can be exported to the United Arab Emirates alone, and up to 60 tons daily to China, when we sign an intergovernmental agreement,» Tilek Toktogaziev added.