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Works on 6 streets at the expense of Chinese grant start in Bishkek

Works within the second phase of Development of Road Network in Bishkek City project at the expense of the grant funds from the People’s Republic of China have begun on six streets in the capital. Vice Mayor for Land Issues, Architecture and Construction Azamat Sagyndyk uulu announced at a working meeting at the City Hall.

According to him, works began on Tashkentskaya (from Togolok Moldo to Turusbekov), Kokchetavskaya (from Mahatma Gandhi to Orozbekov), Novaya (from Lenskaya Street to Zhenish residential area), Sukhe-Bator (from Karalayev to Shabdan Baatyr), Karkyra (from Omurakunov to Omur Street in Ak-Ordo residential area), Zhaiyl Baatyr (from Chortekov Street to Alykulov) Steets.

Their total length is 8.79 kilometers.

The City Hall added that the term of implementation of the project under the contract is two years: it is planned to complete work on 39 streets in 2021, and on 21 streets in 2022.