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Father Frost to bring gift from the Kremlin to Kyrgyz schoolboy

Rustam Tashmatov, a seven-year-old schoolboy from Bishkek, wrote a letter to the Russian president asking him to fulfill his New Year’s dream. Official website of Rossotrudnichestvo reports.

According to the organization, the boy doesn’t mind to become a shareholder of Gazprom or Rosneft, and he has never tasted Tula pryanik (gingerbread).

«Rustam has an ambitious outlook on life, and that’s great. We hope that having grown up he will not change his mind to conquer the oil and gas companies and, after graduating from school, will prefer an appropriate university to get higher education. In the meantime, a parcel has already been sent to Rustam from the Kremlin. Gifts will be presented at the Russian Center of Science and Culture on the eve of the New Year. We will inform you additionally about the date and time,» the website says.

Second grader Rustam Tashmatov is a student of gymnasium 29 in Bishkek. He is known there as an activist of the school movement «Zhakshy Adamdar», which means «Good people» in Russian. Rustam and his friends help the adults during cleanups, charitable events, and participates in events dedicated to the Victory Day and other memorable historical events.