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Talant Mamytov: Task of Kyrgyzstan is to put interests of citizens above all

Acting President, Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Talant Mamytov congratulated Kyrgyzstanis on the International Human Rights Day. The text of the congratulatory message was sent out by the press service of the head of state.

Talant Mamytov noted that human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms that belong to every person from birth. They are based on shared values ​​such as dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence, which are set and protected by law.

«Since the day of gaining independence, the Kyrgyz Republic has embarked on the path of building a rule-of-law state, determining in the Constitution the highest value of a person, his rights and freedom. The task of the Kyrgyz Republic, like any state, is to put the interests of citizens above all,» he said.

It is necessary to make sure that the principles of justice and observance of the provisions of the law become the norm, so that every resident of our country feels protected.

Talant Mamytov

He noted that the events that occurred on October 5-6, 2020 proved once again that the people of Kyrgyzstan stand guard over justice and legality, that the protection of human rights is in the interests of everyone. «On the way to the well-being and prosperity of our state, the Kyrgyz Republic will continue to make every effort and take all necessary measures to protect the human rights and freedoms,» he stressed.