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Moscow resident sentenced to 11 years for murder of taxi driver from Kyrgyzstan

A 50-year-old resident of Moscow was sentenced to 11 years in a maximum security prison colony for murder of a taxi driver from Kyrgyzstan. The Russian media report.

The murder took place in February in Taldom district of Moscow Oblast. A Kyrgyzstani received a call in the evening, an elderly man got into the car. During the trip, the passenger and the taxi driver got into conversation.

The driver began to complain about his fate and the catastrophic lack of money. According to the killer, after listening to the driver’s monologue, he offered the man a deal: he takes his car for disassembly for 200,000 rubles, and the driver writes a statement to the police about the theft. According to the accused, the men agreed on that.

They left for Tver Oblast, where the criminal had a rented garage for disassembling cars with the subsequent sale of spare parts. However, a scandal broke out between them on the way over money. The killer took out a revolver and fired three shots at his opponent. He died at the scene. He threw his body out and drove the stolen car to his garage. The security forces opened a criminal case on the fact under the Articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation «Murder» and «Theft».

The criminal was soon detained by investigators. During the investigation, the man did not admit his guilt, blaming the killed Kyrgyzstani for everything. According to the convict, the driver attacked him and wanted to take away the money.