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Price of air tickets from Moscow to Bishkek grows one and a half times

Analytical center of Tutu.ru travel service found out which countries the Russians plan to fly to in December. It analyzed sales from December 1 to December 31.

The most popular foreign air route in December is Minsk, its share in comparison with December last year has grown almost six times. A ticket from Moscow to Minsk costs on average 71 percent more than in December 2019, an average check increased from 4,685 to 8,034 rubles.

Moscow — Bishkek route takes the second place in popularity, the share of the direction has grown almost five times compared to December 2019. An average check for a flight to Bishkek from Moscow has grown one and a half times — from 9,929 to 14,937 rubles.

Moscow — Chisinau route closes the top three popular foreign air destinations in December, although its share has changed insignificantly compared to last year.

The only direction from the top 10, where an average check has decreased compared to December last year is Moscow — Antalya. Tickets cost customers an average of 8 percent less than a year ago, an average check has reduced from 6,652 to 6,150 rubles for a one-way flight.