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How can Kyrgyzstan get out of crisis? Two tips from Russian expert

«The acquired ability to live within its means and solve emerging problems on its own could become strategic goals that remain desirable, but still difficult to achieve under the current conditions in Kyrgyzstan,» said Azhdar Kurtov, a Russian expert on Central Asia, commenting on the current political events in the country.

In his opinion, the Kyrgyz authorities do not have any «miraculous ways to solve the accumulated problems in the investment sphere. Moreover, the new politicians are more focused on elections, distribution of posts and other things that are important for them, but completely useless for the country,» the expert noted.

The economy of Kyrgyzstan does not care who exactly will sign documents and make decisions. The main thing is that their legality leaves no doubt and that they do not run counter to the interests of the country.

Azhdar Kurtov

«Interests of the country, it seems to me, are as follows. First, to minimize, rather than exacerbate, the effects of the economic crisis aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic. Domestic production remains one of the few means of supporting the economy during the period of closed borders and lack of revenues from external donors. There are not so many of them in Kyrgyzstan,» Azhdar Kurtov said.

He explained that «one of the most important industries is the mining industry.»

«It’s surprising that after every change of power, authorities start to shake it, instead of guarding, protecting and taking enormous care of it.»

Secondly, the expert called on «to ensure the earliest possible way out of the political crisis, which once again occurred in Kyrgyzstan after the change of power in October this year,» Azhdar Kurtov said.