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Orto-Sai market sellers tell about possible causes and consequences of fire

Elimination of consequences of the night fire continues on Orto-Sai market in Bishkek. Police officers are working at the scene. Official version of the incident has not yet been announced. Approximate area of the ​​fire is 1,800 square meters.

Owners of the burnt out trade outlets sift through remains and try to calculate the damage.

«A sales agent called me at night and said that something was burning in the area of ​​our trade outlets. We live nearby. We came quickly. Everything was on fire here. Policemen and firemen cordoned off everything. No one was allowed there. We were allowed to get to our retail outlets only at five o’clock in the morning, when the fire was extinguished. We have a small wholesale store. Everything burned down. There were food products for $ 20,000 alone,» Elmira Kochorova, one of the affected, told.

The woman believes that the fire could have broken out because of the repairs, which, according to her, were carried out by the owners of one of the outlets the day before. Market guards allegedly saw them turning on the welding machine.

«The fire engines could not drive up to the place of fire on time, because all entrances were blocked off. One vehicle was able to drive close, and then the water in it was enough for a few minutes only. They had been extinguishing the fire for five hours! It is possible to extinguish the fire in the whole city during that time! This is also the firemen’s fault,» Elmira Kochorova believes.

The large fire broke out at Orto-Sai market in Bishkek last night. It was brought under control only by 02.16, and was completely extinguished by 5.00 in the morning.