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U.S. Department of State looks for specialist to help authorities of Kyrgyzstan

The U.S. Department of State announced competition to fill the vacancy of a senior adviser on rule of law and anti-corruption issues at its Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. This is stated in the document, which RT journalists got acquainted with.

It is specified that the vacancy, among other things, involves assisting the authorities of the republic in carrying out reforms.

The candidate’s responsibilities will include, among other things, advising the government of the Kyrgyz Republic on the development, implementation and promotion of systemic, organizational, legal and regulatory reforms in the field of law enforcement and criminal justice, as well as assisting Bishkek in the fight against corruption.

As part of work, the adviser is expected to interact with both U.S. and local government agencies, in particular with the Prosecutor General’s Office, the State Service for Combating Economic Crimes and the Ministry of Justice.

Such interaction, among other things, implies planning and conducting trainings for representatives of the justice sector, as well as drafting «technical and program documents», including financial and information memoranda, budget documents, reports.

As the Department of State notes, a candidate for the position has to meet a number of criteria — only citizens of the United States with the higher education in jurisprudence and work experience necessary for performing their official duties, including in the countries of the former USSR, will be considered as applicants by the department.