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UNDP mobile teams provide medical services to patients at home

UNDP mobile teams provide medical services to needy patients with tuberculosis or HIV in Kyrgyzstan. The organization reported.

Amid the pandemic, many patients faced difficulties in accessing prevention and diagnostic services, treatment, monitoring and care. Difficulties are mainly related to rising unemployment, travel restrictions and repurposing of medical facilities for treatment of patients with COVID-19. Many people are afraid to go to medical institutions and get infected with coronavirus. This all negatively affected access to health care.

There are cases when people cannot receive timely diagnosis and treatment, which increases the risk of developing of a serious form of the disease.

Mobile teams were created to help patients in particularly difficult life situations.

Four mobile teams (two in Chui region, one in Osh region and one in Jalal-Abad region) help patients with tuberculosis. They include a physician and a social worker.

The teams make weekly home visits to TB patients to deliver medicines, check them for side effects, monitor treatment and timeliness of tests, check adherence to treatment, and help solve social problems.

Eight teams (one each in Bishkek, Osh, Karakol, Naryn, Jalal-Abad and Talas regions, two in Chui region) provide care for people with HIV. Specialists conduct examinations, advise on issues of interest to the patient, conduct screening for tuberculosis, deliver ARVs, assess adherence to therapy, and help in solving social problems.