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Nariman Tyuleev ready to return to Bishkek City Hall

Nariman Tyuleev threatened to withdraw his statement of resignation from the post of the first vice mayor of Bishkek, if the struggle for the chair of the head of the capital’s City Hall does not stop. He posted it on Facebook.

According to Nariman Tyuleev, a candidate for the post of mayor came to the City Hall. In this regard, he himself announced his resignation.

Nariman Tyuleev said that against the background of destabilizing actions he was ready to withdraw his statement of resignation from the post of the first vice mayor, where he was appointed in full, one hundred percent compliance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

No one has any legal grounds to appoint someone to this position now. There was a legal conflict that only the mayor can accept my resignation, and the acting mayor cannot be appointed from outside.

Nariman Tyuleev

«Nobody, not even the prime minister, can do it. De jure, I am myself bound by laws and legally I am the first vice mayor — the acting mayor of Bishkek in accordance with Article 27 of the Law on the Status of the Capital. In fact, my statement does not mean anything, because no one has accepted it and cannot accept it. Only elections to the City Council, and then the elections of the mayor, can decide the fate of the city,» he wrote.

Nariman Tyuleev added that if the agreements are not respected, if pressure on the employees of the City Hall does not stop, if the situation with the pandemic worsens, if all invaders do not stop harassing Bishkek, then as the first vice mayor he would be obliged to ensure the safety of employees and the continuity of work.

He recalled that he announced his resignation, respecting the established institution and symbol of power.

«However, contrary to common sense, not wanting stabilization to please their lust for power, attempts to penetrate and seize by force do not stop. I appeal to you. Do you want to measure strength? Run for the city council elections on April 11, 2021 and force the citizens to believe you by the power of persuasion. Then we’ll see who has credit of trust,» Nariman Tyuleev posted.

Aziz Surakmatov resigned. Prior to that, he appointed ex-mayor of Bishkek Nariman Tyuleev to the post of the First Vice Mayor. By law, he should serve as mayor until the election of a new one. However, it became known today that he had left the post. Almaz Baketaev became the First Vice Mayor of the capital.

The mayor of Bishkek is elected by the City Council. Faction and majority coalition as well as the prime minister can nominate candidates.

It should be noted that the elections of the mayor of Bishkek will not be held yet, because elections of the mayor are not held six months before the end of the term of office of the City Council. Such a norm is stipulated in the Law on the Status of the Capital. The Bishkek City Council is to be re-elected in April 2021.