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Number of infected with coronavirus exceeds 39.8 million people globally

The number of people infected with novel coronavirus has grown by 1,044,057 globally over the past three hours. Data of an online map developed by scientists say.

In total, 39,898,689 people got infected with coronavirus. The highest number of the infected is in the United States (8,154,206), Brazil (5,224,362), India (7,494,551), Russia (1,390,824), Peru (865,549), Colombia (959,572), Mexico (851,227), Spain (936,560), France (876,342) and Argentina (989,680).

Coronavirus cases have been reported in 188 countries.

As of today, the number of people who recovered from coronavirus exceeds 27,400,000. The figure grew by 605,731 people for three days.

At least 1,112,588 people died from the virus (growth by 15,229 people for three days), including 219,674 people — in the USA, 153,675— in Brazil, 114,031— in India, 43,736— in the UK, and 86,167— in Mexico.

At least 52,526 cases of coronavirus were registered in Kyrgyzstan, 109,508 cases — in Kazakhstan, 63,124— in Uzbekistan, 10,493 — in Tajikistan.