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Rally in Bishkek: Supporters of Sadyr Japarov do not want to disperse

Rally of supporters of the Prime Minister Sadyr Japarov, now acting president of the country, continues today in Bishkek near the Government House.

About 500 people have gathered on the square and in the parks next to it. According to one of the protesters, they came out to support Sadyr Japarov and prevent the Parliament from changing the decisions announced earlier by the Prime Minister.

The improvised stage at the entrance to the Government House is empty. Nobody is speaking, music is playing from the speakers. The prime minister’s supporters are sitting and lying down on the lawns. They are closely following the news from Ala-Archa state residence, where the meeting of the Parliament ended. Many of them read the feeds of news agencies. According to the protesters, they will not leave until they are convinced that their demands are met. Some of them brought children to the square.

The head of state resigned. The Parliament accepted his resignation. Speaker of the Parliament Kanat Isaev refused to perform duties of the President. The Prime Minister Sadyr Japarov became the acting head of state.

Today the deputies demanded from Sadyr Japarov to take people away from the square and restore public order in the capital.