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Parents have right to choose form of education for their child

Parents have the right to choose the form of education for their child from October 6. The press service of the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan informed 24.kg news agency.

This is provided for by the order of the ministry. Parents write a statement in which they indicate the desired form of lessons — online or offline.

Classes in traditional form were allowed in Kyrgyzstan for students of 2-6 grades from October 6. At the same time, some parents, fearing for the health of their children, decided not to send them to school for various reasons. «For such children, educational institutions will organize online lessons after compiling the lists,» the Ministry of Education said.

According to the ministry, the attendance of first grade students in September was 99 percent.

«Parents of schoolchildren of other grades reported that, due to their employment, they were unable to control their children’s online education. Therefore, it was decided to organize the educational process in real mode for students of 2-6 grades,» the Ministry of Education explained.

Schools will purchase means for disinfection of premises and personal hygiene at the expense of funds saved on hot meals.

Distance learning was organized due to the outbreak of COVID-19.