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Culture Ministry asks not to allocate land on territory of archaeological sites

Minister of Culture and Tourism of Kyrgyzstan, Azamat Zhamankulov, got acquainted with two historical and cultural monuments in Talas region of the country, which can become tourist sites. Press service of the ministry reported.

It turned out during the trip that local residents illegally build houses, plant trees and cultivate fields around Ken-Aral archaeological site, located in Kumushtak gorge.

«In order to prevent such illegal activities, it is necessary to carry out explanatory work and urgently suspend allocation of land plots for the construction of houses on the territory of the archaeological monument. Local authorities need to protect the territory of the monument by banning any economic and construction work,» Azamat Zhamankulov said.

The minister called for research in the area of ​​Ken-Aral monument in order to turn it into a tourist site.

Azamat Zhamankulov also visited Arzymat Bai mausoleum.

«In the near future, Bakai-Ata district state administration and local authorities will consider the possibility of erecting a fence around the mausoleum in order to develop domestic tourism. In this regard, the ministry will conduct a study, prepare project documentation and take the necessary measures for its safety,» the press service of the Ministry of Culture said.

The state list of historical and cultural sites of republican importance includes 22 monuments in Bakai-Ata district of Talas region.