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Mayor of Bishkek: HPP and private sector are the main reasons for smog

«Everyone can see that as soon as the Heating and Power Plant starts working, smog appears,» Mayor of Bishkek, Aziz Surakmatov, said at a scheduled meeting in the City Hall on the upcoming heating season.

In his opinion, it is wrong to shift the blame for pollution onto road transport. «There are many cars on the streets now, but there is no smog. Smog begins during the heating season. Basically, this is HPP plus the private sector, and partly — Teplokommunenergo,» he noted.

Aziz Surakmatov asked the director of the HPP, Andrey Voropaev, to pay attention to air pollution. He noted that a strong flue gas cleaning system was installed at the new unit of HPP. It will be turned on from November.

«Pay attention to the chimney of the new unit. There is no smoke at all. There is steam. Desulfurization is used. The State Ecological and Technical Inspection regularly checks it, there are no comments,» he said.

Andrey Voropaev added that HPP received an order to replace filters at the old station. «But it’s easier to plan installation of new equipment in the future,» he said.