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Temporary hospitals to be deployed within a day in Bishkek, if necessary

In case of a possible increase in the incidence of coronavirus, temporary hospitals in Bishkek will be deployed within 24 hours. Vice Mayor of the capital, Victoria Mozgacheva, told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, some hospitals, if necessary, will be opened in previous places, and some of them are planned to be opened at polyclinics. In total, 13 temporary hospitals were opened in the capital in the summer. After the incidence began to decline, they were closed.

«At present, everything related to the work of the municipality is being carried out. Responsible persons have been determined for each district, a work plan has been drawn up. Influenza vaccination has begun to avoid aggravating of the situation. At least 27,000 doses of the vaccine were allocated to the city. First of all, people from risk groups are vaccinated,» Victoria Mozgacheva told.

«Raids are carried out around the city to prevent mass events, for compliance with sanitary standards. Many restaurants do not follow the rules and host events with a large number of guests. This is one of the factors in the spread of coronavirus infection. Mask regime is observed and disinfection is carried out at schools. Public transport is also disinfected. All these measures are aimed at keeping the infection under control,» Victoria Mozgacheva added.

But a lot depends on the citizens themselves. We ask to be more responsible to your own health and those around you. Wear masks!

Victoria Mozgacheva

Many countries, including neighboring Kazakhstan, Spain, India, Brazil, have begun to register an increase in COVID-19 incidence.