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President calls security agencies to cleanse ranks of corrupt officials

President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov called on the security agencies to cleanse their ranks of unscrupulous officers involved in corruption cases. The head of state announced this yesterday at a meeting of the Security Council.

«People answer to the question «Why are judges, police and prosecutors corrupt?» that the salary is small. You should be ashamed to say that,» the President stressed, reminding that, as of today, the salary of a mother raising a child with disabilities, not to mention teachers, doctors and pensioners, is only 5,000 soms.

«Then they all had to become corrupt. On the contrary, who has no debts for electricity, who pays on time? Pensioner. Who pays for hospital treatment? Our ordinary citizens, pensioners. Therefore, corruption must be suppressed among the bodies that are called upon to fight it. Then the state will develop, then the budget will increase, then there will be social justice. The country will not develop if you, who head these bodies, do not have conscience, purity, modesty and fear of God. As long as you defend each other according to the principle «A crow will not peck out a crow’s eye», human rights will not be protected and the republic will not develop,» Sooronbai Jeenbekov said.

He once again said that it is impossible to jail all the corrupt officials.

«Some are arrested, despite this, others steal, and they are also arrested. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce digitalization and cleanse all bodies from corruption. Control will be tightened,» the head of state said, adding that due to digitalization and reduction of corruption, it will be possible to increase budget revenues, increase salaries of teachers and doctors.

Sooronbai Jeenbekov said that the Prosecutor General’s Office was not fully fulfilling the tasks of the national coordinator assigned to it. And he called on the State Committee for National Security to get rid of the «untouchables», recalling the flagrant fact of the arrest of a national security officer who extorted money from a young mother.

The President urged the Financial Police not to hinder the activities of entrepreneurs, but, on the contrary, to create conditions for fair competition. «All your arrests take place on the basis of citizens’ statements, until they start sounding the alarm, you yourself do not catch anyone. It should not be so. Therefore, I once again urge you to cleanse your ranks of corrupt workers,» he said.