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Elections 2020. Most of Kyrgyzstanis have not decided who to vote for

The majority of Kyrgyzstanis intend to vote against all at the elections to the 7th convocation of the Parliament. Such data are presented in a study by SIAR Research and Consulting, which was ordered by the Center for Insights in Survey Research of the International Republican Institute.

From August 6 to August 15, at least 1,223 residents of Kyrgyzstan aged 18 and over were interviewed via mobile and landline phones. The interviews were conducted in Kyrgyz (63 percent), Russian (35 percent) and Uzbek (2 percent).

Answering the question «If the parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, which political party would you vote for?» the majority of respondents (27 percent) answered that they had not yet decided, 15 percent said that they would vote against all, 10 percent admitted that they would not vote.

Seven percent of the respondents expressed a desire to vote for Ata-Zhurt party, which does not participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Six percent of the respondents answered that they would vote for Respublika party.

At least 5 percent of the survey participants spoke in support of Birimdik, SDPK (it also does not participate in the elections) and Ata Meken each.

The survey focused on economic and political issues, the upcoming elections and the fight against coronavirus.