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Kyrgyzstanis can not return to Russia without urgent reasons

It is impossible to re-enter the territory of Russia from Kyrgyzstan without an urgent reason. The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia reported.

Measures to restrict the entry of foreign citizens into the country are still in force on the territory of the Russian Federation. In this regard, it is currently impossible for citizens, who do not have serious reasons, to re-enter the territory of Russia from Kyrgyzstan.

The Embassy noted that since the suspension of flights from March 20 to August 10, at least 26,685 citizens from 21 regions have returned from Russia to Kyrgyzstan. About 102 flights have been operated and departure of citizens by 95 buses in transit through the territory of Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan has been organized.

At present, regular flights between Russia and Kyrgyzstan are suspended and the Russian-Kazakh border is closed.