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Tenants of Caravan shopping center hold rally near White House in Bishkek

Tenants of Caravan shopping center held rally at the White House in Bishkek today. They repeatedly turned to the authorities with a request to remove the object from the electronic auction and not to deprive them of their jobs.

About 70 tenants demand to cancel rent for downtime during the coronavirus outbreak. They are required to vacate trade boutiques within 10 days and pay rent for June and July, despite the fact that they did not work.

The Chairman of the State Property Management Fund Zhyldyzbek Isakulov came out to the protesters. He said he would try to solve the problems of tenants.

Сaravan shopping center has been confiscated from the ex-parliament member and former mayor of Bishkek, Nariman Tyuleev, by a court decision. It was taken into state ownership in 2017. The main income from the lease of retail outlets in the shopping center is received by Mulk state-owned enterprise.