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Coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan: Second peak incidence forecast for October

The same peak incidence of COVID-19 as it was observed in July is expected in Kyrgyzstan in autumn. Alexey Kravtsov, an epidemiologist of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Infection Control at the Scientific and Production Association of Preventive Medicine, told about this on the air of Word to Doctor project.

According to him, Kyrgyz epidemiologists, together with colleagues from Oxford University, have re-analyzed the forecast of the epidemiological situation.

«It clearly showed that we will reach the peak of incidence in October. If nothing is done, then we will get a decline only at the end of this year or at the beginning of the next year. Therefore, we need to be objectively prepared that in the fall we will have the so-called second wave, the second peak. It will be during the ARVI and flu season. The Ministry of Health is preparing for this, buys a vaccine against influenza, because a mix of infections leads to a more severe course of the disease,» he said.

Alexey Kravtsov added that at the first symptoms it is very difficult to distinguish ARVI or flu from coronavirus. «When we talk about the onset of the disease, there are nonspecific symptoms: headache, fever, body aches,» the expert added.