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Law on Manipulating Information returned to Parliament of Kyrgyzstan

President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov signed an objection to the Law on Manipulating Information. The Information Policy Department of the Presidential Administration reports.

It is noted that the President, while supporting the basic concept of the need to protect the rights and freedoms of everyone from unreliable and false information disseminated on the Internet, at the same time has objections.

The head of state stresses that freedom of expression and freedom of information are among the fundamental human rights guaranteed both by the Constitution and by a number of international and regional human rights treaties. They play a key role in the development of a democratic society.

The Constitution obliges citizens to respect the rights, freedoms, honor and dignity of others. Everyone has the right to inviolability of his or her private life, respect and protection of honor and dignity.

The President’s objections indicate that during the global pandemic of coronavirus infection, the actions of some persons aimed at disseminating false and inaccurate information through social media pose a threat to the life and / or health of citizens, public order and public safety, as well as infringe on the rights or protected by the law interests, rights and freedoms of citizens.

Taking into account the public importance of the issue raised and the resulting need to ensure the completeness of legal regulation in this area, it is proposed to revise the wording of the law, in particular the subjects of legal relations, implementation mechanisms and technical aspects of regulation of the law with involvement of representatives of the public, the expert community and state bodies.

«I consider it necessary to ensure that this law is considered taking into account human rights, the state policy pursued, the possibilities of technology and sustainable development of the state. Based on the foregoing, guided by Paragraph 1 of Part 2 of Article 64 and Part 2 of Article 81 of the Constitution, I return the Law on Manipulation of Information, adopted by the Parliament on June 25, for development of an agreed version. At the same time, I entrust the Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism with presentation of this objection during its consideration in Parliament,» Sooronbai Jeenbekov’s objection says.

Deputies approved the resonant document on June 26. At least 79 members of the Parliament supported it. Civil activists, domestic and international human rights activists have urged Sooronbai Jeenbekov to veto the bill that threatens freedom of speech in the country. However, under the Constitution, the head of state does not have an absolute veto right.