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Elections 2020: Young leaders in lists – background artists for moneybags

Political scientist Igor Shestakov believes that one should not entertain the illusion studying a significant update of the lists of parties running for the parliamentary elections. He explained to 24.kg news agency why.

According to him, this technology had been tested back in 2010, when the elections to the Parliament came at a historically turning point. Then voters found famous people who enjoyed a certain authority, but were not associated with politics and business, in the lists of candidates.

«However, the political nature took its toll, and we saw how creative and not involved in scandals people became a reason for bargaining. They did not receive seats, despite the victory of the political organizations from which they ran,» the expert said.

The story repeats: all these young creative people are background artists. Who are the heroes of our time today? Volunteers. So they have become a pre-election product for politicians.

Igor Shestakov

He added that the Parliament of the sixth convocation absolutely discredited itself, but nevertheless 70 percent of the deputies of the Parliament intend to keep their seats in the seventh convocation. They use every imaginable and inconceivable trick to save their image.

The political scientist is sure that the retouched party lists are a lure for the central cities, mainly for Bishkek and Osh, where the electorate has at all times been less active than in the regions.