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Elections 2020: CEC reduces campaign spending by 100 million soms

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Kyrgyzstan has optimized the cost estimate and cut election campaign spending by 100 million. At the same time, in order to increase financial transparency, new approaches to accounting and reporting on funds allocated from the budget have been formed. CEC press service reports.

The new approach to the formation of the cost estimate of election commissions and subsequent financing of subordinate commissions is to transfer money to the TEC only on protected items of expenditure — salary, contributions to the Social Fund, expenses for official travel, purchase of other goods and services (training costs: food, daily allowance).

Other items, such as payment for communication services, transportation costs, purchase of other goods and services, purchase of items and materials for current economic purposes are paid by the Central Election Commission in a centralized manner in accordance with the law on state procurement.

As a result of optimization carried out by the Central Election Commission, an estimate for 446,900 million soms has been formed and approved.

The Central Election Commission envisages measures to ensure sanitary and epidemiological safety of voters and members of election commissions during preparation and holding of elections, the cost of which will reach about 60 million soms.

Work is being carried out on this issue with international partners, and a number of them are UNDP, KOICA, OSCE, the Embassies of Japan, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, USAID.

When approving the estimate, eight CEC members voted for it, one was against.