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Patients with COVID-19 not to be kept in hospitals for 14 days

Patients with COVID-19 will no longer be kept in hospital for 14 days. The Minister of Health of Kyrgyzstan, Sabirzhan Abdikarimov, told at a briefing.

According to new algorithms, the treatment time of patients infected with coronavirus in the hospitals is reduced.

«If there are no clinical symptoms and the test result is positive, then the patients are discharged and handed over to the doctors of the Family Medicine Centers. The patients will be under their supervision,» the official said.

He noted that the Family Medicine Centers will have more work from now on.

«The situation is difficult to date. Some applicants do not receive medical aid on time. The ambulance does not have time. This issue will soon be resolved. We transfer some work to the FMCs. They will decide whether a patient should be hospitalized,» Sabirzhan Abdikarimov added.