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Sokh residents ask Shavkat Mirziyoyev to open corridor, return Chechme spring

Residents of Sokh district of Uzbekistan appealed to Shavkat Mirziyoyev with a request to open a corridor through Kyrgyzstan and return a spring in Chechme village. Video of the meeting was posted on social media.

The villagers note that the spring in Chechme belongs to them, and ask to return it.

«In addition, we must return the land that our residents have sold to the Kyrgyz, open a corridor. To leave the enclave, we are forced to pay money at the post,» they tell.

Residents also demand resignation of the hokim of Fergana region, Shukhrat Ganiev. «Shukhrat Ganiev said that we could leave. Who are we? This attitude towards us is only because we are the Tajiks,» protesters said.

An incident occurred in the border region on May 31 that began with a skirmish between residents of two villages. Each of the parties claimed that Chechme spring belonged to them.