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Three more people die from coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan

Three deaths from COVID-19 were registered in Kyrgyzstan over the past day. The Deputy Minister of Health Nurbolot Usenbaev told at a briefing.

According to him, two patients died at the Osh Interregional Combined Hospital: men aged 59 and 55, and one 84-year-old man — at the Naryn Regional Combined Hospital.

«The first dead is a TB doctor. Since April 28, he has been receiving patients with pneumonia and has been in contact with infected people. He sought medical help on June 1. His illness was severe. He had concomitant diseases: diabetes, coronary heart disease. The second patient is a long haul trucker. His condition worsened on May 25, he died from multiple organ failure, bilateral pneumonia. The third patient was in the hospital since May 9, where he was in contact with the infected and got infected. He was transferred to intensive care unit on May 25. He also had concomitant illnesses: third-degree hypertension, consequences of a stroke,» the official said.

In total, 20 deaths from COVID-19 have been registered in Kyrgyzstan.