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First Deputy Mayor of Bishkek Almaz Baketaev suspected of beating neighbor

Information appeared on the social media that the First Deputy Mayor of Bishkek, Almaz Baketaev, has beaten his neighbor.

Almaz Baketaev himself confirmed 24.kg news agency that a brawl occurred between two neighbors at the entrance of the house where he lives.

«One of the women hit someone else’s child in our yard. His mother immediately intervened, and told her husband in the evening. He went to talk to the other side. The conversation developed into a fight. All this happened on my landing on the ground floor. When I came out to the noise, the men were already in the blood. I do not know who started the fight. One of them had a wound to the ear zone, other injuries, he was stitched. The landing is small; the doors are made of glass. I had to make an incredible effort to force the men out. I called the police,» the official told his version of the incident.

Almaz Baketaev said that he offered the participants to write a statement to the police at the scene, but they refused. «The police took explanatory notes. There are many witnesses, video recording cameras. Now they accuse me of being drunk, striking one of the men down to the ground,» he said.

Other participants of the fight are not yet available for comment.