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Formation of patrol police starts in Osh city and regional centers

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev signed a government decision on some issues of organizing activities to ensure public order and traffic safety in Kyrgyzstan. The Information Support Department of the Cabinet reported.

The purpose of the document is to form subdivisions of the Patrol Police Service of the internal affairs bodies, expand the list of administrative units of Kyrgyzstan, on the territory of which the project on ensuring public order and traffic safety will be continued.

The Government believes that the pilot project on creation of the Patrol Police in Bishkek showed a positive result.

«In accordance with the document, all the powers and responsibilities of the units of the Main Directorate for Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Patrol Police Service of the Central Internal Affairs Department / Internal Affairs Department of the regions are handed over to the Patrol Police unit being created in the administrative territory of the republic, which is a subdivision of the Main Directorate for Ensuring Traffic Safety of the Ministry of the Interior,» the report said.

A number of changes are envisaged in the created unit of the Patrol Police Service, including the procedure for serving as patrol squads. It is assumed that the patrol squads of the new unit will both ensure public order and road safety from July 1, 2020 and after appropriate training.

As part of the pilot project, a number of departments of the Central Traffic Safety Department and the Police Department of the Internal Affairs Department will be disbanded. New units called «Patrol Police Service» will be created instead of them.