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Government of Kyrgyzstan promises to report on donor funds daily

Accounting for funds received from international donors will be posted on covid.kg website. The Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Erkin Asrandiev said at a meeting of Ata-Meken parliamentary faction.

According to him, $ 243 million have been transferred to the account of Kyrgyzstan, $ 1.8 million of which — through the Ministry of Health.

«This is what has been transferred. We do not take into account the money on which the tender was announced, purchases began, and etc. Because there is nothing from these funds in the warehouses of the Ministry of Health. At least $120.8 million out of $ 241.6 million from the IMF have not yet been used. The first tranche was spent on protected budget items,» Erkin Asrandiev said.

«We intend to use external assistance only on a return basis to support the business. We understand that this is a debt and it must be repaid in 10-15 years,» the Vice Prime Minister said.