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One more batch of medical products from China delivered to Kyrgyzstan

The People’s Republic of China delivered medical supplies to Kyrgyzstan as humanitarian aid. The Information Support Department of the Government Office reported.

A charter flight from China delivered 100,000 PCR tests, 30,000 medical glasses, 30,000 N95 masks, 150,000 medical masks, 1,000 thermometers.

The Vice Prime Minister Akram Madumarov noted that the government of China, in addition to providing humanitarian assistance, also provides advisory support.

«A medical expert group from China visited the Kyrgyz Republic in April, who trained employees of healthcare organizations, shared their experience in combating coronavirus, and visited a number of medical institutions in the country. I am convinced that amid the spread of the infection, the humanitarian assistance provided by our Chinese friends will allow us to step up measures to counter the common threat,» he added.

The Ambassador of China to Kyrgyzstan, Du Dewen, said that the Kyrgyz Republic was one of the first who provided humanitarian assistance to the People’s Republic of China to assist in the fight against coronavirus.

Earlier the PCR government provided the country with protective medical suits as humanitarian assistance.