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Other migrants willing to return to Kyrgyzstan arrive in Orenburg Oblast

Several dozen Kyrgyzstanis live in the field in Orenburg Oblast of Russia. Their video message to the government of Kyrgyzstan says.

According to them, migrants arrived from other regions of Russia to cross the Russian-Kazakh border.

«But we were stopped at the entrance to Orenburg and were not allowed in. We can neither go back nor go further. There is an empty field, there is no water, no food. Evacuate us,» the Kyrgyzstanis ask.

Recall, the Kyrgyzstanis who got stuck on the Russian-Kazakh border in March arrived in Bishkek by special buses only in May. Kazakhstan agreed to let them through after long negotiations.

The Foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan warned that the return of citizens of Kyrgyzstan from Sol-Iletsk should not be an impetus for compatriots in Russia to travel towards the Russian-Kazakh border.

Diplomats recalled that a state of emergency is still in force on the territory of Kazakhstan, during which the entry of foreign citizens is restricted.