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Bishkek City Hall could restrict entry into capital after state of emergency

The Bishkek City Hall is considering certain restrictive measures for entry of vehicles and people into the capital in case of lifting the state of emergency. The Vice Mayor of the capital Tatyana Kuznetsova told at a briefing.

According to her, it will be necessary to show not only a pass, but also a certificate of passed test for coronavirus (rapid testing or PCR).

«In addition, jointly with the Central Traffic Safety Department we are considering the issue of setting up internal sanitary posts to limit movement of cars and pedestrians. Bishkek City Hall is studying and will tighten quarantine measures in housing estates. In addition, if necessary, district administrations together with the authorized bodies will set up sanitary posts and will check all the foci where infected and contact persons were detected. Measured to identify and search for contact persons both in the capital and among those entering Bishkek are stepped up,» she said.