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Price hike for socially important food products not expected in Kyrgyzstan

There will be no price hike for socially important products in Kyrgyzstan. Director of the State Agency for Antimonopoly Regulation Shukhrat Sabirov told at a briefing.

He recalled that state regulation of prices has been introduced for 11 types of products. «We will not allow unreasonable price increases for them. We daily monitor both retail and wholesale prices of suppliers. Of course, we can revise them, if they do not correspond to the costs of suppliers, our manufacturers. But the increase will be insignificant, there will be no price hike,» the head of the state agency said.

Shukhrat Sabirov added that the list of socially important food products was expanded, it includes tea, fish, salt, buckwheat, millet, vegetables, fruits.

«We are currently working on this issue, and if necessary, we will set prices for them,» he said.