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Period of some social payments extended due to state of emergency

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan has extended periods of payment of a number of social benefits and allowances due to the state of emergency and emergency situation in the republic. Press service of the ministry reported.

The Government has set that the following periods are extended without requiring documents until the last day of the month, following the month of cancellation of emergency situation / state of emergency:

  • Payment of state benefits in accordance with the Law on State Benefits;
  • Payment of monthly cash compensation in exchange for benefits to persons receiving monthly cash compensation in exchange for benefits in accordance with the government decree on Payment of Monthly Cash Compensation in Exchange for Benefits;
  • Disability pension payments to persons with disabilities;
  • Validity of contracts on provision of services of personal assistant for care of a child with disabilities, who needs constant care and supervision;
  • Validity of certificates of territorial (inter-district) medical and social expert commissions registering disability, as well as the next re-examination with a further offset of the missed term without changing the disability group registered on the day the certificate has expired;
  • Validity of voluntary licenses and insurance certificates for compulsory state insurance of personal assistants caring for a child with disabilities, who needs constant care and supervision;
  • Validity of agreements on handing over a child (children) to foster care;
  • Payment of money for maintenance of foster children, as well as salaries to foster parents;
  • Validity of vouchers for vacation centers issued to persons with disabilities;
  • Payment of unemployment benefits to citizens receiving unemployment benefits without requesting job search information.

This measure was taken in order to support socially vulnerable groups of the population and ensure social stability in emergency situation /state of emergency introduced in connection with the spread of COVID-19.