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Five patients on waiting list for hemodialysis die in Kyrgyzstan

Five people who were on the waiting list for hemodialysis services have died since the beginning of quarantine. They could not pay for the procedure. Head of the Association of Patients on Hemodialysis, Venera Tashmanbetova, told 24.kg news agency.

She noted that at least 170 people are on the waiting list for the procedure at the expense of the budget.

«We have called 15 patients. It turned out that five of them died, two left the country and are now unable to return to homeland. If we call everyone, then the number of dead will be higher,» Venera Tashmanbetova told.

She said that patients are forced to pay 4,700 soms for one procedure.

«And they need it every other day. These are 12-13 procedures per month — more than 56,000 soms,» the head of the Association added.

She stressed: relatives of the patients admitted that they could not pay, because many people were left without work, and skipped the procedures.

«This affects health, and a person dies due to untimely hemodialysis. We ask to transfer these patients to budget financing,» Venera Tashmanbetova added.

She said that a patient can get budget-funded hemodialysis only if there is a place: someone dies, has a transplant operation or the state increases funding.

Parliament deputy Aisuluu Mamashova said today at a parliament meeting that 15 people receiving hemodialysis have died since the beginning of quarantine.

Since January 1, 2020, the state has undertaken payment for hemodialysis services for patients with chronic renal failure of the 5th stage. The patients will undergo hemodialysis under the same conditions without co-payment.