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CMIF of Kyrgyzstan tells how foreigners can get medical insurance certificate

The Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (CMIF) of Kyrgyzstan told how foreigners can get a medical insurance certificate.

Foreigners from countries near and far abroad can contact the nearest Family Medicine Center or the territorial office of the CMIF. They have to bring their ID cards. An applicant fills out an application and makes payment through Quick Pay terminals.

«Acquiring the certificate, you have the right to receive preferential medical care on the territory of Kyrgyzstan to the extent that is provided for by the state guarantee program. Uninsured citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as citizens of other republics temporarily or permanently residing in the country, can also purchase the certificate. Its cost is 1,200 soms, for foreigners — 12,149 soms for a year. The term of insurance is set according to the period of stay of a citizen in Kyrgyzstan,» the CMIF noted.

For more information, please contact the hotline 113. The call is free.

The insurance certificate holders have the right to take a number of tests for free, including a general analysis of blood and urine, as well as sputum analysis, blood sugar and cholesterol tests. If there is a referral from the family doctor, additional laboratory diagnostic tests (except for expensive ones), rehabilitation and physiotherapy care, and hospital-substitute care is provided at a 50 percent discount, preferential drug provision at the outpatient level is also carried out at a discount of 50 percent of the cost of medicines.

In case of hospitalization, a co-payment is made. If it is a district, city or regional hospital and the patient needs therapeutic treatment, then he or she has to pay 840 soms, if this is a republican clinic — 1,160 soms. If surgery is required, the patient pays 1,090 soms or 1,500, if it is a republican hospital.