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110 Kyrgyzstanis cannot return to homeland from Orenburg

At least 110 Kyrgyzstanis are still in Sol-Iletsk city in Orenburg Oblast of the Russian Federation, and cannot return to their homeland.

According to the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in the Russian Federation, headquarters members were sent to resolve the situation and provide the necessary assistance to the citizens of the country.

As of April 10, at least 67 cars and about 110 Kyrgyzstanis are waiting for opening of the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Sol-Iletsk.

Local doctors regularly check the health of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic; no complaints of poor health have been reported.

Migrants were informed about the impossibility of organizing an exit to Kyrgyzstan. They were provided with food and face masks, the diplomatic mission told.

Many countries close their borders in connection with the spread of coronavirus. Kazakhstan, which also introduced a state of emergency, closed its borders. The neighboring republic extended the state of emergency until the end of April.