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EAEU decides on addressing shortage of medical masks

The Eurasian Economic Commission held an extraordinary meeting in connection with spread of coronavirus and the need to resolve important issues.

Kyrgyzstan made a proposal on the need for duty-free import of filtered cloth and hydrophobic fabric.

It is noted that these fabrics are used in light industry for sewing medical and special protective clothing, various items for sanitary and hygienic purposes. The parties supported the proposal.

In addition, the board members discussed a single agreed list of the EAEU to introduce restrictions on the export of goods to third countries. This issue was discussed taking into account the restrictions on the export of essential foodstuffs adopted in the EAEU member states in the context of growing demand in the domestic market. Such decisions have already been taken by Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The republics introduced a ban on the export of some food products from their territory until April 15, 2020.

«On March 24, 2020, under the conditions arising from the spread of coronavirus, the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission imposed a ban on the export of personal protective equipment, disinfectants, and medical supplies from the EAEU customs territory. During the meeting, the parties also agreed to exempt certain critically important import items, including food and medical products and medicines, for a period of three months from the import customs duty. The proposal was supported to work out the agreed list of EAEU goods in a short time, in respect of which the rates of import customs duties will be annulled. A decision on this issue will be made within the next few days,» the government of Kyrgyzstan said.