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Kyrgyzstanis can not return home due to coronavirus pandemic

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan, who previously purchased vacation packages to a number of countries through Almaty (before announcement of the emergency situation in Kazakhstan), cannot return to their homeland. The Tourism Association of the Kyrgyz Republic told 24.kg news agency.

«This is due to the fact that the return of Kyrgyzstanis falls under the emergency regime in the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the decree of the President of Kazakhstan, only citizens of the republic can arrive in the state. Kyrgyzstanis are not taken on flights from other countries,» the organization commented.

As of today, Kyrgyzstanis cannot return from the following states: UAE, Egypt, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka.

 The Tourism Association of the Kyrgyz Republic is working to solve the problem.

«Together with the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in India, the issue of 19 Kyrgyzstanis, who could not return from Goa through Almaty, was resolved. Together with the Consulate in Almaty, the Association has managed to agree on the Kyrgyzstanis to be taken into the transit zone, provided with food,» representative of the organization, Ekaterina Mineeva, told.

The Tourism Association of the Kyrgyz Republic thanks the Department of Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Consular Services, the Government Office and the Presidential Administration for their support.

However, at present, the issue of return of Kyrgyzstanis from other countries is still unresolved, the organization said.