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Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan forms $ 100,000 fund to fight against coronavirus

Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan forms an emergency fund to combat the spread of COVID-2019. Organization’s Facebook page says.

The fund was formed to support the efforts of government agencies and civil organizations in taking immediate measures to combat the spread of coronavirus and reduce the negative consequences of the epidemic in Kyrgyzstan.

The emergency fund creation strategy is based on two approaches: on an immediate response to the acquisition of the most popular medical means and equipment and on supporting a communication strategy, training medical personnel to work amid crisis, and supporting partner organizations working with high-risk groups.

«The rapid spread of coronavirus shows that in such crisis situations, immediate reaction and intensive work aimed at preventing mass infection from both government agencies and international partners, civil organizations and every citizen of the country are extremely important. The Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan mobilizes resources for a rapid response in the conditions, when every day and hour counts,» the statement says.