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Cafes with over 50 seats to be shut down in Kyrgyzstan for three weeks

It was decided to shut down cafes and catering outlets with more than 50 seats in Kyrgyzstan. The Deputy Prime Minister of the country Altynai Omurbekova told at a briefing.

According to her, the decision is temporary and will be valid for three weeks. Earlier, the Cabinet recommended to abandon mass cultural events. This recommendation is obligatory now.

«The government decree dated March 12, 2020 said about prohibition of cultural events and was of recommendatory nature for organizations that provide services in the restaurant business and others. Today, we make adjustments, and now it is proposed to ban holding of cultural events of a family and staff nature in restaurants. Work of catering outlets with more than 50 seats is also limited. Other forms of work will be used, like in other countries, for example, delivery to a consumer,» Altynai Omurbekova told.