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Kyrgyzstan to shut down cinemas, nightclubs, computer clubs due to coronavirus

Cinemas, nightclubs and computer clubs, food courts and playgrounds for children in shopping and entertainment centers will be temporarily closed in Kyrgyzstan for prevention of coronavirus. It was announced at a meeting of the Republican Emergency Response Center on prevention of penetration and further spread of coronavirus, press service of the Government said.

Participants of the meeting reiterated the need for citizens to restrict visits to crowded places.

«It is recommended to individuals and legal entities, regardless of their form of ownership, carrying out activities in the field of trade, services and public catering, refrain from holding and participating in public events until the time limit is lifted, as well as to install sanitizers, air purifiers in rooms and halls, providing employees and visitors with disinfectants,» the press service noted.

Vice Prime Minister Altynai Omurbekova noted that every citizen should understand the seriousness of the situation, follow the recommendations of medical workers and take the necessary preventive measures, strictly observe hygiene and explain this to their children. She added that the next three weeks are the most important.

«It is necessary to limit contacts as much as possible, not go to cafes and other entertainment venues, not conduct and not participate in events with a large number of people. It is recommended to be at home most of the time, follow the recommendations for the prevention of influenza, ARVI, including coronavirus,» she said.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus, the epidemiological situation is stable. At least 341 people are under medical supervision.