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SDMK introduces restrictions on Friday prayers due to coronavirus pandemic

An emergency meeting of the Ulema Council of the Kyrgyz Republic was held at the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan. There was one question on the agenda — danger of spread of coronavirus.

The Ulema Council issued a fatwa (decree) — to temporarily cancel preaching before azan, reduce reading of hutba, and also read short surahs during praying, reduce the time for duva and zikra after praying.

The SDMK also imposes restrictions on attendance of the prayers by the elderly people, women and children.

The Ulema Council recommends temporarily giving up handshakes, to do washing at home (before coming to the mosque), install special washstands for disinfection in mosques, wear masks and immediately disperse after prayer.

All religious events and courses are temporarily suspended.

«Madrasahs, Islamic institutes will be temporarily closed if, taking into account the situation, there is a decision of the Ministry of Education,» the SDMK informed.

Recall, by the decision of the Security Council of the Kyrgyz Republic, all schools and higher education institutions of the republic are closed for three-week quarantine from March 16.