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Reasons for medical masks shortage in Kyrgyzstan announced

A regular meeting of the Republican Emergency Response Center on prevention of penetration of coronavirus into the country and its further spread took place in the Government of Kyrgyzstan. The Information Support Department of the Government Office reported.

Representative of the Ministry of Health said that as of March 11 the epidemiological situation in the republic is stable, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus. Citizens of Kyrgyzstan, arriving from the Republic of Korea, are quarantined.

All services on the state border work under no timeline. State bodies constantly monitor the situation in the world.

Participants of the meeting told that a number of domestic companies would begin production of medical masks, which will soon appear in the country's pharmacies. Problems with medical masks arose due to the introduction of a ban on export in manufacturing countries.

Representative of the State Commission on Religious Affairs said that disinfection work has begun in the country's mosques, and awareness-raising work among the believers on the prevention of influenza and ARVI, including coronavirus, was ongoing.

As a result of the meeting, the relevant state bodies were given a number of instructions. The Ministry of Education and Science was instructed to continue outreach work among students of educational institutions on the rules of personal hygiene, rules for prevention of influenza and ARVI, including coronavirus.