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Italy takes 2nd place in world in number of infected with coronavirus

Up to date, the number of infected with coronavirus in Italy has reached 9,172 people. The number is higher only in China. Data of an online map developed by scientists say.

During a day, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Italy grew by 1,797. At least 463 deaths and 724 recovered have been registered in the country.

According to the Russian BBC service, emergency measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Italy are currently taken throughout the country. The Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte ordered to expand quarantine measures, including restriction of public gatherings and sporting events, and closure of schools throughout the country. Previously, quarantine was introduced only in its northern regions.

Israel, in its turn, has introduced a mandatory 14-day home quarantine for everyone arriving in the country, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced. The rule applies also to Israeli citizens residing or staying abroad. There are 268,000 of them now.