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Erkin Asrandiev: Kyrgyzstan has sufficient stock of products

«The country has a sufficient stock of food products. There is no reason for concern,» the Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Erkin Asrandiev said at a working meeting on the impact of coronavirus infection on the economic situation in the country.

According to him, an analysis of the possible impact of coronavirus on the economy of Kyrgyzstan is being conducted. But the country currently has the necessary stock of food products sufficient to cover emerging demand. Along with this, authorized state bodies monitor prices in grocery markets and in the retail network. The temporary closure of borders with China has not yet affected the food security situation, since imports from this country accounted for only 3 percent of the total volume of imported products.

«Consumer goods mainly came to Kyrgyzstan from China. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the plants stopped working. But it became known that many enterprises have resumed their work and will soon begin to supply their products, including for export. We, together with our manufacturers, check the availability of stocks of raw materials and accessories. For example, raw materials will last at least two months in the light industry. By the time the raw materials are over, the supply of necessary materials from China will resume,» Erkin Asrandiev assured.

Kyrgyzstan did not impose restrictions on cargo transportation from China due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

«Control measures over the transported goods were strengthened to prevent the import and spread of coronavirus during the movement of goods across the state border. This applies to all types of transport, including rail. The decrease in rail traffic was due primarily to the limitation of traffic in China itself. As of today, dispatch of freight trains to Europe and Central Asia has been restored in the north of the PRC,» the Deputy Prime Minister said.