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Where Kyrgyzstanis can turn in countries with coronavirus: Contact information

Embassies of Kyrgyzstan compile lists of citizens who stay in territories prone to the spread of coronavirus. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country reported.

Appeals of citizens of the country are accepted round-the-clock to provide maximum possible consular legal and other practical assistance. The work is carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions of Kyrgyzstan in China, Korea, Iran, Japan and Switzerland (the consular district covers Italy).

«We urge our citizens staying in countries prone to the spread of coronavirus to provide Kyrgyzstan’s overseas agencies in the host countries with their addresses, personal and contact information and other relevant information,» the statement says.

The Foreign Ministry recommends citizens of Kyrgyzstan to temporarily refrain from traveling to China, Japan, Korea, Italy and Iran until the epidemiological situation stabilizes.

Citizens staying in these countries are advised not to visit crowded places and strictly follow the recommendations of local authorities and medical facilities.

In case Kyrgyzstanis have questions related to the epidemiological situation, they can contact the employees of the Department of the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign agencies:

  1. Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Address: Bishkek, Togolok Moldo Street, 10, office phone number (+996 312) 663405 (ext. 105, 109, 119), 660811 (ext. 105, 109, 119).
  2. Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in China. Address: H 10/11 King’s Villas No. 18, Xiaun Road, Beijing 100016, China, office phone (+86 10) 64681297, e-mail: kgembassy.cn@mfa.gov.kg, emergency phone numbers: +86613260203680; +8613581902801.
  3. Consulate General of Kyrgyzstan in Guangzhou city. Address: Room No. 707, Grand Tower No. 228, Tianhe Road, Guangzhou, 510620, China, office phone number (+86 20) 38013875, e-mail: kgconsulate-guangzhou@mfa.gov.kg, emergency phone numbers: +8613925051627, +8618666093015.
  4. Foreign Ministry Visa Office in Urumqi. Address: No. 876, Davan Bei, Urumqi city, China, 830063, e-mail: kgconsulate.urumchi@mfa.gov.kg, emergency telephone numbers: +8613325629147, +8618599044747.
  5. Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Japan. Address: 108-0079, Tokyo, Japan, Minato-ku, Mita 1-5-7, office phone number (+81 3) 64538277, e-mail: kgembassy.jp@mfa.gov.jp.
  6. Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Korea. Address: Dongbinggo dong 28-17, Yongsan-gu Seoul, office phone number (+82 2) 3790951, 3790952, e-mail: kgembassy.kr@mfa.gov.kg, emergency phone number: +821021804216.
  7. Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Iran. PO code: 195 793 5611, bldg. 12, 5th Naranjestan Alley, Pasdaran Street, Tehran, office phone number (+98 21) 228303 54, e-mail: kgembassy.ir@mfa.gov.kg, emergency phone numbers: +989331792782, +989352505278.
  8. Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Switzerland. Address: Avenue Blane 51, 1202 Geneva, office phone number (+41 22) 7079220, e-mail: kgembassy.ch@mfa.gov.kg, emergency phone number: +41789781414.

In addition, a hotline is operating at the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +996551312000. Voice and text messages are also received via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram.