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Olympic Games 2020 could be canceled due to coronavirus

If the Tokyo Olympics turn out to be too dangerous due to an outbreak of coronavirus, its organizers are more likely to cancel it than to postpone or reschedule. A member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Dick Pound said in an interview with the AP.

According to him, there are three months to decide the fate of the Games in Tokyo. The organizers of the Olympics should increase the level of security, reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. The decision to hold the Olympic Games will also depend on consultations with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dick Pound urged athletes to continue training. About 11,000 people plan to take part in the Olympic Games, other 4,400 — in the Paralympic Games.

He also cast doubt on the prospect of moving the Games to a new location, because there are few places in the world, where it would be possible to prepare everything for its holding in a short time.

The number of people infected with the new type of coronavirus exceeded 80,990 people, 2,760 people died.

The World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency due to the spread of coronavirus.